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Take something old and make it new again!

Chairs, tables and more can benefit from a new look. We can make old furniture look new again.

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  • What a hidden gem. Expert staff that sets you up with everything you need to do your own paint and staining projects.
    Jeff C
  • I truly appreciate the professional help I get at Accent Paint Store. They are super friendly and helpful with what I need. I love their advice on products and what I need to complete my project. I went to two different paints stores in Eau Claire yesterday and was totally disappointed with the service and advice I got. I knew I could depend on Accent so, I went there and came home a happy lady!
    Beth L
  • These guys were really helpful! I needed some paint re-tinted and they were super courteous, understanding, and knowledgeable. I would have messed it up had I done it myself. Thank you so much!
    Erin S
  • Great products and professional help!
    Shannon M

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